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91942 Dentist

Where can I find a 91942 dentist?

When it comes to managing dental emergencies, your La Mesa, CA 91942 dentist is an exceptional resource. At Matosian Dental, their distinguished team of dental professionals is prepared to provide you with the highest quality care through every phase of your treatment. Whether you are experiencing a toothache, have damaged an existing filling, bridge, or denture, their gentle and compassionate staff are more than happy to help you when you need it most.  Matosian Dental is a family-friendly practice led by a family of dental professionals, George S. Matosian DDS, Alex Matosian DDS, and Michael J. MatosianCDT, MDC; the Matosians have deep ties to the community, and an exemplary reputation for being at the forefront of the latest dental research, techniques, and technology.

91942 Dentist

If you are experiencing discomfort or oral pain of any magnitude, your La Mesa, CA 91942 dentist will use the latest diagnostic techniques and technology to determine the precise underlying source of your oral pain. Statistically speaking, toothaches are the most common form of oral pain. If you have a toothache, it is essential that you visit your dentist for treatment as soon as possible. There is a wide range of possible causes of toothaches, from cavities and deep decay to bruxism, TMJ, infection, impacted wisdom teeth, or injury. More often than not, a toothache is the result of a cavity, one of the most commonly reported dental ailments. Cavities are holes in teeth which result from inadequate oral hygiene; among other problems, cavities cause teeth to be especially sensitive to touch and temperature. If left untreated, a cavity progresses, eventually leading to infection deep inside the tooth. Your dentist is highly skilled in providing effective and gentle treatment for either case and will do his utmost to save the affected tooth. Following that procedure, a restorative filling or custom crown will be fabricated to reestablish the structural integrity and aesthetic of your tooth for the most seamless and durable results.

From diagnosis to treatment and cosmetic restoration, you will be in excellent hands with your La Mesa, CA 91942 dentist. If you are experiencing a toothache or any oral pain, contact the experienced professionals at Matosian Dental for first-class dental care. To schedule your next appointment, contact their friendly and helpful staff at the number below!


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