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Have you been thinking about perfecting your look, but are unsure where to begin? Believe it or not, the experienced team at Matosian Dental are not only a great resource for the highest quality restorative, prosthetic, and implant dentistry services—they can also provide exceptional cosmetic treatments for your smile! Offering a comprehensive range of cosmetic treatment options, you will receive highly individualized care from  professionals who are committed to helping you achieve your treatment goals. Whether you’re interested in improving the look of a single tooth, a complete smile makeover with porcelain dental veneers, or having your teeth professionally whitened, your La Mesa, CA 91942 dental office is prepared to help.

591942 Dental office

One of the simplest ways to make a dramatic improvement in your appearance is with professional strength teeth whitening. While there are a host of over-the-counter options sold at the store, the whitening options managed and supervised by your dentist are the healthiest and most effective methods for brightening your smile. With sensitive teeth, a whitening treatment can be problematic without professional monitoring. By offering two outstanding systems, including an whitening in-office or an easy to use take-home kit, the professionals at your La Mesa, CA 91942 dental office will tailor your whitening treatment to meet your exact needs. The in-office option is the fastest and safest way to achieve optimal results. In as little as a single hour, prescription strength whitening treatment can make your smile several shades whiter than before! For patients with a more on-the-go lifestyle, the take-home kit provides an excellent alternative. Using custom trays, fitted to your teeth by your dentist, your at home whitening treatment can be administered evenly, and safely, in maximum contact with your teeth, and away from other areas of your mouth.

When you visit your La Mesa, CA 91942 dental office for a consultation, your dentist will help you determine the most suitable solution for you. To learn more about the fabulous cosmetic services offered at Matosian Dental, contact their office today!

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